Why Everyone Needs An Estate Planning Attorney

2 February 2018
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Are you aware that by missing just one signature or by including one wrong word in your estate plan, the entire intent of a will can be altered?  State laws are extremely definitive in regards to the formalities of what may or may not be included in a trust, who is capable of acting as a trustee and who can act as a witness.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to hear stories of individuals who chose to use generic estate planning documents found online in order to try and save money, only to find out after the fact that part of even all of their will is not legally binding.  In order to later right this wrong, family members, friends, and loved ones are left spending their own money.

Qualified estate planning attorneys help their clients wade through complicated family and financial scenarios with ease.  Situations including a second marriage, owning a business or real estate in multiple states, having minor children or a disabled family member, being recently divorced or not having any children at all are just a few types of situations that can prove trying for individuals to sort through on their own.  Estate attorneys are experts in drafting living trusts, creating plans to help bypass estate taxes and protecting their clients' savings from a beneficiary's creditors.  Additionally, estate planning attorneys are equipped to formally organize plans to take care of their clients' best interests and wishes if they ever happen to become mentally debilitated.

There are a number of ways to help make sure you find the right estate planning attorney for you.  First, it is vital to seek out an attorney who is dedicated to estate planning, rather than choose to utilize a general practitioner.  Next, clients should feel at ease when it comes to sharing their personal details, goals, and worries.  Everyone is different and estate planning objectives are just as unique.  Competent estate planning attorneys will clarify a variety of available options that ultimately act in accordance with your wishes.  Also, it is imperative that your estate planning attorney has a thorough understanding of the state's laws in which you reside.  If this key element is not met, trusts and estate plans may be found null and baseless by a court.  While hiring an estate planning attorney comes at a cost, there is no question that the upfront investment is well worth it.  By using an estate planning attorney, you are purchasing the expertise and knowledge of an individual who is trained specifically in this field of practice.

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