Get Help With Your SSDI Claim And Get Approved

14 February 2022
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Those unable to work because of a medical or mental disorder can often get financial help from the Social Security Administration (SSA). If the worker has enough set aside through payroll deductions, they can get approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Unfortunately, many applicants are not initially successful in their quest for benefits. Read on to find out how to deal with that problem below. 

Problems with Approvals and the Appeal Opportunity

The SSA is a government agency and can be overburdened with applications. That means SSA caseworkers have no time to guide applicants through the process. When an application ends up incomplete or inaccurate, benefits can be denied. Everyone has an opportunity to ask the SSA for an appeal. The appeal means meeting an administrative law judge in person to discuss your need for benefits. Some applicants get approved after this hearing but not everyone. Appeal hearings are best approached using help from a Social Security lawyer. Social Security lawyers have a deep understanding of Social Security rules know how to argue for a claimant's need for benefits.

Do You Need Help?

Just by appearing with a Social Security lawyer at your side increases the odds of an approval considerably. Your lawyer will review your initial application, your medical records, and your denial letter and learn what the SSA is missing or misunderstood about your need for benefits. You might think you cannot afford such help, but you probably can. Social Security lawyers who are approved by the SSA are paid using a contingency agreement. That means:

  • They are only paid if you get approved for benefits.
  • They are paid from your backpay once your approval is handed down.
  • They are limited by how much of your back pay they can collect. For example, they are paid 25% or less of your back pay lump sum. They may not exceed a fee of $6,000 no matter how much your back pay is.

As soon as your denial arrives, contact a Social Security lawyer about your case. Claimants must request an appeal hearing and the deadline for doing so is tight. Your lawyer will work with you to identify the issues, will stand by your side during the hearing, and will speak on your behalf to the judge. Don't let your rightful benefits pass you by. Speak to a Social Security lawyer about your case as soon as possible.

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