How Do You Determine Who Gets The Children During A Divorce?

2 April 2018
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You and your partner have made the amicable decision to get a divorce, but there is one thing that is still up in the air, and it is causing a lot of friction between you both: who will get custody of the children? When two parents invest their time and emotions into their children, it's hard for either of them to imagine what life would look like without their children in it on a daily basis. Read More 

Common Questions About Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

2 March 2018
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Facing criminal charges can be a frightening experience. Individuals that are in this situation may not know what they should do to defend themselves against these accusations effectively. While there are criminal defense attorneys that can offer their clients informed, experienced, and effective representation, there are many questions that new defendants may need to have addressed. How Will You Pay Your Criminal Defense Attorney? Individuals that are needing to be represented by an attorney will often be very concerned about the costs of this representation. Read More 

Why Everyone Needs An Estate Planning Attorney

2 February 2018
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Are you aware that by missing just one signature or by including one wrong word in your estate plan, the entire intent of a will can be altered?  State laws are extremely definitive in regards to the formalities of what may or may not be included in a trust, who is capable of acting as a trustee and who can act as a witness.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to hear stories of individuals who chose to use generic estate planning documents found online in order to try and save money, only to find out after the fact that part of even all of their will is not legally binding. Read More 

3 Things To Do After Being Fired

1 January 2018
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Getting fired can be a horrible feeling. You could be feeling upset, embarrassed, confused and even angry. Plus, you could be concerned about your future and how you are going to pay all of your bills. All of these feelings can be incredibly upsetting, and you might not really know how to proceed. However, the steps that you take after getting fired can make a big difference in just how much losing your job will impact your life. Read More 

About Workers Compensation Benefits For An Injured Employee

6 December 2017
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Is your work injury getting worse because your employer refuses to give you enough time off to heal? It is possible that your employer is required by the employment laws in your state to not only give you time off, but to ensure that you are properly compensated. Hiring a workers compensation attorney is the best way to find out what your legal rights are in the situation. Although it is necessary for your employer to approve workers compensation benefits, you might still be able to get compensated via a lawsuit if your application is denied. Read More