Medical Malpractice During Clinical Trials: When Might You Have A Case?

24 June 2020
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While the vaccine studies for COVID-19 have caused an increased interest among the media about how clinical trials are performed and their legal and ethical ramifications, they've always been common. Clinical trials are how providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers test drugs or determine how to best treat conditions. Participating in a clinical trial can be risky. Depending on the phase, the people enrolled in a clinical trial may be among the first few thousand patients to take a medication — at this point, many side effects are still unknown. Read More 

How A Lawyer Can Assist When Selling A House For Sale By Owner

19 May 2020
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Selling or buying a house for sale by owner (FSBO) is not the most popular way to complete a real estate transaction, yet it still occurs in some cases. If you are the buyer or seller of a "for sale by owner" house, you can handle the transaction alone, but it would be beneficial for you to hire a real estate lawyer for help. Here are some facts about FSBO deals, as well as ways a lawyer can assist both the buyer and the seller. Read More 

Hire A Birth Defect Attorney To Manage Your Case

22 April 2020
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Birth injuries and birth defects that result from faulty or negligent medical care can have devastating results. These injuries and defects can have lifelong consequences for your child, and this could mean that you have a lot of medical bills and other expenses on your plate as well. Do you believe your child is the victim of negligence or medical malpractice? Keep reading to learn more. What Causes Birth Injuries & Birth Defects? Read More 

Issues That Complicate Your Car Accident Case

16 March 2020
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After you have been in a car accident, you might wonder if there are any complications that could cause your case to become more difficult to pursue in court. In truth, there are many reasons why you could be in a situation that grows more complex because of extenuating circumstances. These are just a few of the ways in which your personal injury case could put you in a more stressful situation. Read More 

Tips For Handling An Uncontested Divorce

8 February 2020
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Uncontested divorces are what many people consider the best way to get a divorce. Of course, never getting divorced in the first place would be ideal. But, if it comes down to it, an uncontested divorce is what you want. With this type of divorce, there is no fighting or yelling in court. Instead, both parties work together to come up with a divorce agreement they are both happy with. They then bring that agreement to a judge and get it approved. Read More