Mountain Climbing Trips Shouldn’t Come With Increased Risks Of Fatalities

30 May 2019
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The recent news about the unfortunate deaths of mountain climbers on Mount Everest doesn't dissuade everyone from planning climbing excursions. Similar conditions won't exist at a local range. Regardless, all mountain climbing adventures come with risks. It is said anyone who climbs a mountain understands those risks. Such a statement isn't entirely true. Inexperienced climbers aren't fully aware of risks. Mountain climbing bookers and guides shouldn't ignore potential risks to save a sale. Read More 

Wrongful Death And The Importance Of A Filing A Lawsuit

30 April 2019
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There are a number of times where it makes sense that a family files a wrongful death lawsuit against a negligent party. When one person dies because of the negligence or willful wrongdoing of an individual, the family may have the right to file a wrongful death suit, which is a personal injury case. While the deceased can't recover money for pain and suffering, the estate of the deceased person can. Read More 

Family Law: Child Custody Options

21 March 2019
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If you have children and have recently gone through a divorce, chances are you are currently trying to figure out how to handle the custody of your children. This can be a very scary topic for many parents since their children are often the center of their world. The thought of losing one's children can bring on a lot of fear, anger, and guilt all at the same time. Before you panic and make rash decisions, you may want to consult a family law attorney. Read More 

How Hiring An Estate Planning Lawyer Now Can Help Your Family Later

11 February 2019
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Even though some people never go through the process of hiring an estate planning lawyer and making plans for what will happen to their assets when they die, it's not something that you should skip. Although your family might not be able to reap the benefits now, hiring an estate planning lawyer now can greatly benefit your family later for these reasons. Help Reduce the Taxes That Have to Be Paid Read More 

How To Protect Your Business From Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

5 January 2019
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As you might already be aware, sexual harassment is a big problem in many workplaces. As an employer, this might be something that you're very worried about. Not only do you probably want to make sure that your employees don't become a victim of sexual harassment, but you could be worried about things like sexual harassment-related lawsuits against your business. There is really nothing that you can do as an employer to completely prevent your employees from sexually harassing one another or from sexual harassment lawsuits affecting your business, but these tips can help you protect your business as much as possible. Read More