Discriminated Against at Work Because You Are a Female? Take Legal Action Against Your Employer

27 November 2019
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Are you a female that works in a male-dominated industry? While you have the right to work in any industry that you want to work in, some of your co-workers or your employer might not agree with that. If you believe that you are being undermined, treated poorly, and paid much less than what your co-workers are being paid simply because you are a woman, you need to hire an attorney because gender discrimination is illegal and has been since 1964. Read More 

Worker’s Compensation: Are You Out Of Luck If You Fail A Drug Test?

6 November 2019
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On-the-job injuries can happen in any industry. This can be a troubling time, particularly if you are concerned about missing your paycheck. Thankfully, you can rely on worker's compensation benefits to help you get through this time. Worker's compensation will pay for your medical needs as well as provide you with partial payments to help make up for your lost wages. In general, worker's compensation benefits will cover your expenses related to your injury. Read More 

Know Your Rights After An Auto Accident Injury

8 October 2019
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Auto accidents can cause all kinds of injuries, and you have rights when you are hurt and in pain because of it. It may take a day or two for your injuries to be obvious, especially if you are suffering from whiplash or other soft tissue injuries. You might decline emergency treatment the night of your auto accident, only to wake up in horrible pain. Even when you share fault for your auto accident, it is possible to receive compensation for your losses. Read More 

Your File Jackets Are More Than Just Office Supplies

3 September 2019
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It's difficult to prepare for just how much paperwork you have to deal with as an attorney. Everyone focuses on the glamor of court cases, but few people are prepared to admit how much of working as an attorney is research, research, and more research. One of the keys to doing your job properly is staying organized and having everything that you need at hand. While it may seem like everything should be digitized in this modern age, a huge amount of your paperwork will still be on good old-fashioned paper. Read More 

Been In An Accident: 4 Items You Need To Provide To Your Attorney

4 August 2019
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If you've been injured in an accident and you've hired an attorney, you need to prepare for your initial correspondence. That first visit with your attorney will set the stage for your entire personal injury claim. It's important that you arrive for your appointment with all the documents you'll need to paint a clear picture for your attorney. In addition to the accident report, here are four items you need to bring to that first meeting with your attorney. Read More