Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Law Firm

21 January 2015
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One thing people fail to think about when choosing an attorney is the type of law firm. Consequently, attorneys often have to refer people to their friends who could provide a better service.

A little knowledge about the types of law firms would help clients make better initial decisions, perhaps saving time and money

  • Boutique Law Firms

These are firms that specialize in a small number of areas. They may have many lawyers or a smaller number.

So-called "men's clinics" or "women's rights firms" are examples of boutique specialty practices that people see every day. Clients are usually those who have little experience with the legal process and only need a lawyer for the particular case at hand.

  • General Practices

These practices operate to attract almost any client who walks through the door. The lawyers are open to handle cases in both criminal and civil courts. The advantage of choosing a general practice firm is that one can return to that same attorney for help with any problem.

Once they handle a case for someone, the lawyers will know the client's profile and be able to provide personalized service. The downside is that perhaps the lawyer will not be an expert in any field. There is a tendency to be a jack-of-all-trades.

  • Corporate Firms

Generally viewed as the most lucrative area of the law, corporate practices usually exist in large cities. Their clients are often businesses that need to have a firm on retainer. This means that the lawyers provide advice on how to remain within the bounds of the law. Corporate lawyers keep abreast of their clients' businesses to provide up-to date advice.

The birth of the corporate lawyer came at the dawn of the 20th century as the American railroads expanded from coast to coast. There became a need for lawyers who could provide information on the law in multiple states. This need still exists.

Finding the Right Type of Firm

Consumers should investigate exactly what kind of firm they are considering. The right fit is necessary to ensure the best legal results. A call or visit to the website of a law firm usually provides enough information to ascertain the kind of practice. Nevertheless, most lawyers are more than willing to listen to the needs of any potential client. If they believe that the case does not fit into their specialty, then they make a referral to another firm. For more information, contact Larson, Latham, Huettl Attorneys or a similar firm.