3 Ways To Lose The Custody Of Your Children In A Custody Battle

31 March 2015
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Many people going through a divorce, or who have previously gone through a divorce, fight over the custody of their children. If you are trying to get custody of your children with the help of someone like Lois Iannone Attorney at Law there are some things that you can do to easily get that privilege taken away. In fact, here are 3 sure ways to lose the custody of your children.

1. Be Evicted From You Home With The Children In It

One thing that the courts are going to look for when determining the care of children is stable housing. Being evicted might hurt your chances of getting custody of your children. After an eviction you might have a hard time renting stable housing because the eviction could stay on your credit report

If you know that there is any chance that you will be without housing, work out something as soon as you can and avoid being evicted, and ensure that the children at staying at a safe place. This is the best way to prove to the court that you are responsible enough to care for our children.

2. Talking Bad About Your Ex-Spouse

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that slandering your ex-spouse will make you look better. Courts don't see a divorce situation as a you vs. them situation. Both parents can be good parents, and both parents can be bad parents. What really matters is that you show the judge and courts that you are mature and that you are wiling to do what is best for your children.

If there are problems with your ex-spouse and their ability to care for the children, bring in proof and records to prove that. Don't get into a "he said, she said" battle. It is bound to backfire.

3. Being Arrested

Having problems with the law is not good. You need to prove your parental fitness, meaning that you are fit, mature and responsible to care for the child's everyday needs. If the courts see a drug charge, domestic violence, a DUI or any kind of problems with your record, you could get your parental rights taken away, and you might even have to have supervised visitation for a while. This is why it is so important to be safe, avoid problems with the law, and think first about your children.

By avoiding these mistakes you can make yourself a better candidate for getting the custody of your children.