Bullying Bosses: How Can A Workers' Comp Attorney Help You Fight Back?

1 October 2015
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If you're too sick to come in for work, you call your boss and ask for time off. But if your boss refuses and bullies you into working, and your health declines even further, you may wonder if you qualify for workers' compensation benefits. Workers' compensation protects all employees who are injured at work, but it may also apply to people who are forced to work when they physically and mentally can't do so. A workers' compensation attorney can help you obtain the benefits you need. Here's how.

Obtain Medical Documentation

If your doctor previously advised you to stay home until your health improved, the attorney can use it for your case. By going to work, your health continued to decline until it affected your performance at work. A workers' compensation attorney can request medical documentation from your doctor, as well as send you to a third-party doctor to document your current health status.

A third-party doctor can offer an unbiased opinion about your health. In addition, the third-party doctor's medical documentation can reveal how far your health declined since your last visit to your personal physician. You may undergo additional blood tests, urine tests and even imaging tests to prove that the decline in your health happened because your boss forced you to work.

Having the right medical documentation strengthens your case against the employer's insurance company, which can deny your benefits right away or put off your case until you give up. 

Investigate Your Boss' Past History for Workplace Bullying

If your employer has a history of making employees come to work sick, the attorney will find out about it. Investigating the employer isn't easy, especially if the employer threatens to fire you if your workers' compensation attorney doesn't stop the investigation.

In many cases, the employer threatened, forced or abused other employees in the past. The investigation may lead your attorney to these incidences, including any previous cases that lead to legal action against the employer.

You should report any employer threats and bullying made directly and indirectly you to the lawyer immediately, including vicious rumors, text messages and emails. There are a number of federal and state policies and acts in place that protect employees from workplace harassment, violence and discrimination. Your workers' compensation attorney can discuss these laws in greater detail with you.

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