Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

23 March 2016
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Have you been arrested for something that you didn't do? Are you now faced with the prospect of defending yourself against an untrue allegation? Being arrested can be a scary and difficult time for most people. Trying to find a good lawyer to defend you can make it even more confusing. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be. Here are some questions to ask before settling on any criminal defense attorney:

Have you ever defended this type of case before? Different areas of criminal law obviously have different laws, statutes, and rulings that pertain to them. Laws that apply to petty theft don't always apply to stealing cars or robbing banks. For the best case possible, you want a criminal defense attorney who is as familiar as possible with your alleged crimes. While a lawyer who usually takes different types of cases isn't necessarily bad, you may get the best results from one who is as familiar as possible with the ramifications of your case.

Do you think this is a winnable case? Even if you didn't do the crime that you're accused of committing, the prosecution may still have a strong case against you. Multiple pieces of circumstantial evidence that point towards you can be enough to sway a judge and jury towards a guilty verdict. A good criminal defense attorney will be honest and up-front about your chances of winning. If the prosecution's case is especially strong, even the best lawyers will sometimes recommend taking a plea bargain, in order to prevent you from receiving a much harsher punishment. Any lawyer who claims that he or she always wins or that there is no way for you to lose is either over-confident or inexperienced. Because juries are human and humans make mistakes, there's always a chance that you could lose, even with a strong case.

What fees will be associated with this case? If the crime of which you are accused is a small one, a potential criminal defense attorney may give you a flat rate, up to a certain number of hours worked. But criminal lawyers are more likely to charge hourly, along with billing you for various expenses. This may include having his or her paralegal research similar cases for their outcomes, hiring a private investigator to look for more evidence, and other things related to your case. Knowing exactly what you're going to be paying for ahead of time will help to prevent sticker shock when you're presented with the final bill. It will also help you make arrangements for paying the attorney for his or her services.

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