4 Reasons You Need A Social Security Disability Lawyer

15 May 2016
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Hiring a social security disability lawyer is a personal choice; however, there are plenty of reasons to consider it when you have a problem receiving the benefits you deserve. If you are denied for any of these reasons, it is essential that you seek assistance immediately so that you do not miss out on compensation you deserve.

1. The government thinks you make too much money.

In some cases, your disability benefits may be denied because they believe you have too much income. For instance, an average monthly income of $1,130 each month or more could make you ineligible. You may also be denied if you are deemed to have too many resources at your disposal. The government may also choose to deny you if you do not provide consent for them to contact your financial institutions. A lawyer will provide assistance in helping you provide accurate information that helps you receive benefits.

2. Your medical conditions are not covered by social security disability.

Back injuries, heart disease, and loss of hearing or vision are commonly covered by social security disability. Respiratory illness, neurological disorders, mental disorders, skin disorders, and issues of the immune system are all covered. A lawyer may be able to argue that while the medical condition is not on the list, it is just as severe (if not more) than those that are.

3. Your condition has not been determined as significant enough.

Social security disability may not consider you to be a disabled individual if they deem your medical issue does not interfere with your ability to work. Your social security disability lawyer will help you in ensuring that your case is strong enough to refute the earlier decision. In some cases, you may need to undergo additional medical testing that may be disputed by social security officials. Your lawyer's job is to demonstrate that your condition prevents you from working.

4. It is determined that your work can be adjusted.

Social security will do their best to determine if you will be able to adjust your current position to continue working. Those looking at your application will consider your transferable skills, past work experience, education, and medical condition. If an adjusted position is found for you, the application is denied.

Think you deserve social security disability compensation that has been denied to you? A social security disability lawyer will ensure that you are not missing out on something you deserve. To learn more, contact a law firm like Duncan Disability Law SC