Common Questions About Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

2 March 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog


Facing criminal charges can be a frightening experience. Individuals that are in this situation may not know what they should do to defend themselves against these accusations effectively. While there are criminal defense attorneys that can offer their clients informed, experienced, and effective representation, there are many questions that new defendants may need to have addressed.

How Will You Pay Your Criminal Defense Attorney?

Individuals that are needing to be represented by an attorney will often be very concerned about the costs of this representation. The way that a criminal defense attorney will charge their clients can vary based on the complexity of the case that they will have to oversee. While the exact amount that these attorneys will charge can vary, it is common for clients to be required to pay a retainer fee. This will act as a deposit, and the attorney will subtract the charges that they incur from this amount. Once it runs out, the client will need to pay another retainer fee to continue receiving representation. At the end of the proceedings, any remainder from the retainer fee can be refunded to the client.

Will Your Case Have To Go To Trial?

It is an assumption that every criminal case will go to trial. Yet, it is common for these cases to be resolved without the client ever have to go through a full trial. This is possible through plea negotiations. It may be possible for the client to agree to lesser charges. This can be particularly valuable for individuals that have substantial amounts of evidence against them. In addition to avoiding the spectacle and hassle of a full trial, this can also reduce the cost of representation as your attorney will have to spend less time on the case.

When Should You Look To Hire A Defense Attorney?

It is a common mistake for individuals to delay hiring an attorney to represent them in these matters. Often, this is in response to underestimating the severity of the charges that they are facing. It can be remarkably easy for a person to inadvertently compromise their case by incriminating themselves in their answers and responses. For this reason, a person should seek out professional representation as soon as possible. This will minimize the risk that they compromise their case. In fact, individuals will likely be well-served to retain a criminal law defense attorney as soon as they think charges are a possibility so that they can have representation during the early questioning and arraignment.