Don't Be Afraid Of Failing To Stop In A Road Rage Situation

7 August 2018
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When you're in an accident, your first instinct is usually to find a safe place to stop so that you can assess the damage, confer with the other motorist, and then proceed accordingly. However, when someone has run into you in what appears to be a road rage scenario, you may be leery about getting out and talking to the person. Although you might also be afraid of getting charged with leaving the scene of an accident, you should put this concern aside in a road rage incident. Your safety is the top priority, and any good car accident attorney will likely be able to get your charge of leaving the scene dismissed should you even be charged. Here are some things to do in this situation.

Drive Away Safely

Although it's possible that your vehicle won't be able to drive if it was severely damaged in the road rage incident, try to get away from the other driver. Do so safely, though — this isn't a time for you to flee through the city streets in a dangerous manner. Depending on where you were when the incident took place, you may find that it's ideal to get to a crowded area where there are lots of people. Should the other motorist attempt to follow you and perhaps even consider trying to ram into your vehicle, others in the area will be able to witness this act and testify on your behalf.

Call The Police

If you're able to make a phone call safely, call 911 and explain your situation. Give the dispatcher your location and direction of travel, as well as a description of the suspect vehicle. You'll also want to give the approximate location of your initial car accident so that an officer can respond to this scene. Even if you're no longer there, the officer may need to preserve evidence from the collision. Stay on the line with the dispatcher and provide regular updates, especially if you're still driving. Within a few minutes, the dispatcher will have officers at your location.

Stay Calm

It's easy to get extremely upset when someone has collided with your vehicle in an apparent act of road rage, and this can compromise your ability to make good decisions. Part of you might be so incensed that you attempt to ram the other vehicle back, or you might be so afraid that you take evasive maneuvers by driving through a field, someone's yard, or across other terrain that isn't suitable for vehicles. Try to breathe slowly and develop a sense of calm so that you don't escalate the situation.

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