Tips For Handling An Uncontested Divorce

8 February 2020
 Categories: Law, Blog


Uncontested divorces are what many people consider the best way to get a divorce. Of course, never getting divorced in the first place would be ideal. But, if it comes down to it, an uncontested divorce is what you want.

With this type of divorce, there is no fighting or yelling in court. Instead, both parties work together to come up with a divorce agreement they are both happy with. They then bring that agreement to a judge and get it approved.

And, while that may sound simple, there are a few tips you should know to ensure your divorce goes as smoothly as possible.

Always Hire An Attorney

Often, when a divorce is uncontested, the people involved think they don't need an attorney.

However, in order to ensure both parties get a fair deal, each should have their own legal representation. This way, no one gets taken advantage of, all assets are fully disclosed, and the agreement that is created is as fair as possible to both people involved.

Without a lawyer, one partner might cheat the other, or all assets might not be included in the agreement. Plus, both parties have to talk to each other, rather than through an attorney, which can be very difficult in the midst of a divorce.

For these reasons, hiring a divorce attorney, even with the most amicable and friendly of divorces, is always recommended.

Consider Custody

While some people think that divorce agreements are all about dividing assets, money, and property, that's not really the case. Sure, these things are important, but other things matter in your divorce agreement as well.

For example, your child custody arrangements should be included in the divorce agreement. Your agreement should state who gets what level of custody, visitation arrangements, child support agreements, or anything else pertaining to the care of minor children.

Hire An Appraiser

As you create your divorce agreement, you'll likely want to detail who gets what and the value of different items in the home. This can include even common household items, like televisions and appliances.

However, pinpointing the accurate value of each item can be hard, especially if receipts and paperwork are long gone. Thus, it's always wise to hire an appraiser to help with this part of the process and to make your agreement more valid. Your attorney can likely recommend someone qualified to assist you.

As you can see, an uncontested divorce does not mean an easy divorce. There is still work and planning to be done. But, with the right legal help, it should prove a whole lot easier than other divorce options.