The Potential Consequences Of A Drug Crime Charge

24 September 2020
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Getting charged with a drug crime is a serious criminal charge that could result in many consequences. The consequences you receive depend on the nature of the drug charges and your criminal record. Here are several things to understand if you are currently facing a drug crime.

The Type of Crime Affects the Consequences

The first thing to know is that there are different levels of drug crimes. Some drug crimes are more serious than others. For example, a drug possession charge occurs when you get caught carrying drugs for personal use. This charge is serious, but it is not as serious as a charge for possession with intent to distribute.

Other charges include drug trafficking and manufacturing. The consequences you face for your crime depend on the charges you face. You will likely face steeper punishments for more serious charges. The consequences also depend on the type of drug involved with the crime.

The Potential Consequences of Drug Crimes

When you get arrested, you will know what charges the court has against you. You can try to fight the charges or accept a plea bargain. It would help if you hired a drug crime lawyer to help you fight the charges. A lawyer will advise you and assist you in your case.

Depending on the charges and drug type, you might end up with a punishment that involves paying fines. Paying fines is a normal consequence of any criminal charge. Another punishment you might receive is jail time. If you are a repeat offender, you could even face a prison sentence. Most first-time offenders do not end up spending much time in jail for drug crimes unless they are convicted of severe charges.

The court also tends to impose other types of punishments for a drug crime. One example is community service. If the court tells you that you must complete community service, you will have to work in the community for free for a specific amount of time as determined by the court.

Another penalty you might face is going to rehab or taking drug classes. The purpose of this mandate is to ensure that you receive the help you need for a drug addiction. While completing a drug rehab program does not guarantee that you will break the addiction, it can help.

If the court has drug charges against you, consider seeking help from a drug crime attorney.