How Your Lawyer Will Help You Beat Your DUI

21 January 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog


Are you currently facing a DUI and feel like you do not have a chance of winning in court? If so, it may help to use a DUI lawyer that specializes in cases like yours. Here are a few techniques that they can use to help you win and be found not guilty.

Claim The Traffic Stop Was Illegal

It's possible to claim that the reason that you were pulled over in the first place was illegal. If so, then the police do not have a right to charge you with additional crimes after the illegal traffic stop started. For example, if you were pulled over for a broken tail light, then you may not have any luck if the police officer suspected you of driving under the influence during the stop. However, if they do not have any probable cause for pulling you over, then you will be protected from unreasonable search and seizures. 

Claim You Had A Rising Blood Alcohol Level

You may not be aware that it can take a while for your blood alcohol levels to elevate and be noticed when taking a breathalyzer test. If you were pulled over immediately after leaving a bar, but the police officer made you wait a long time before taking a breathalyzer test, it is possible that they were waiting for your blood alcohol levels to rise so that you would fail the test. The argument would be that if you were given a breathalyzer test at the time you were pulled over that you would have passed it without any issues, but the fact that the office made you wait put you in a position where you tested over the legal limit while you were not driving the vehicle. 

Claim You Were Given An Unfair Field Sobriety Test

Another technique that police use to test for sobriety is to have you take a field sobriety test. However, there are rules regarding how that test must be administered for it to be valid. For example, if you are asked to walk in a straight line, stop, and turn around, that test must be given on a flat and level surface.  If you were told to do it on the side of the road where the ground is uneven, then you were not given a valid field sobriety test and could challenge it in court. 

Work with your DUI lawyer to learn more ways they can challenge your DUI.