Alarming Signs Of Workers' Compensation Problems

29 June 2021
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As a hurt worker, you are entitled to several valuable benefits. In most cases, the employer is responsible for providing workers' compensation insurance. This form of insurance covers workers who are hurt as a result of their jobs with medical expenses and a partial salary. In many cases, the hurt worker uses these benefits for a week or so and then is free to return to their job. Unfortunately, things don't always go well when dealing with a third-party workers' compensation insurer. To find out more about potential problems and some alarming signs that you need legal help with your workers' compensation claim, read on.

When the Employer Won't Cooperate

Employers are often required to provide workers' comp coverage to workers, but they don't always go along with the process. If any of the below happen to you, consider speaking to a workers' compensation lawyer:

  • The employer refuses to file a claim on the employee's behalf.
  • The employer alleges that the injury did not occur as a result of the job.
  • The employer tries to fire the employee for filing a claim or refuses to let them return to their previous position.

When the Workers' Compensation Carrier Won't Cooperate

When the carrier has to pay claims, they lose money. That can lead to some of the following alarming signs:

  • The carrier claims the illness or injury was preexisting and had nothing to do with the job.
  • The carrier claims that the worker tested positive for drugs even though they had a prescription for the medicine.
  • The carrier has ordered a worker back to work prematurely.
  • The carrier is offering the worker an inadequate lump-sum settlement for a permanent injury.

When the Worker Is Offered a Settlement

Settlements result when a worker is deemed unable to return to their job. That might mean several things. They might be able to perform at other jobs, they might be able to work part-time or light duty, or they might never be able to work at any job again. In any case, a workers' comp lawyer is needed to help ensure the worker is awarded a just and fair payment for the injury. Settlements are entirely negotiable, and workers may not be able to determine how much they deserve on their own. Too much money is on the line to handle this and other workers' comp issues alone. Speak to a lawyer that understands how things work with workers' comp benefits and workers' rights. Don't accept any of the alarming signs above without help.