Can You Have Two Personal Injury Lawsuits At The Same Time?

14 February 2022
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If you were injured in an accident caused by multiple people or were unlucky enough to have two injuries close together, you may be wondering if you can have two personal injury lawsuits at the same time. The answer is yes, but there are some things you should think about.

How Can You Have Two Injuries at the Same Time?

While it might require a bit of bad luck to have two injuries at the same time, it might not take as much bad luck as you might think. For example, you might be in a car accident where one driver hits you, and then another driver plows into the scene of the accident while you're waiting for help. You could also potentially have a personal injury claim for a case of medical malpractice that happened during treatment for your original injuries.

Can You Have Two Lawsuits for the Same Accident?

You can have two lawsuits for the same accident, but it's usually not a good idea. For example, you might have an accident where you were injured by another driver as well as defective airbags in your car. Both lawsuits are about the same incident and use a lot of the same evidence. The biggest issue is figuring out which defendant is responsible for which parts of your injuries.

If you file separate lawsuits, it will take longer and also use more legal resources. In addition, if you sue one defendant at a time, they can just argue that they're not responsible, and you might lose that lawsuit. If you sue both at the same time, part of their defense will be trying to prove that the other one should pay you.

Can You Have Two Lawsuits for Separate Accidents?

It's allowed to have two lawsuits for separate accidents. If the accidents were close together, such as one-car accident right after another, it might still make sense to treat them as a single accident.

If the accidents were separate incidents, you'd usually have to keep them as separate lawsuits. To make things easier for you, you might want to use the same personal injury lawyer for both to reduce the number of times you need to talk to lawyers. You'll also need to get any hearings or trials set on dates that don't conflict with your other case while still meeting all the deadlines to file your claims.

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