What To Know About Getting A Contract Notarized

23 May 2023
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Did you come up with a brilliant business idea that you want to venture into with a close loved one? No matter how close your relationship with your loved one may be, a bad business move can cause the relationship to deteriorate. For example, if your partner decides to spend a portion of the business profits that he or she was not supposed to spend, it could cause a conflict. Before taking the risk of getting into a dispute that is difficult to resolve, draft a contract and hire a notary public to witness the signatures. Getting a contract notarized comes with an array of benefits that you will appreciate if a legal dispute arises.

What Are the Benefits of Notarizing a Contract?

Getting a contract notarized is a wise way to prove that an agreement was made between you and the person you are going into business with. The proof comes from the signature being witnessed by a third party who confirms that the signees are who they say they are. For example, a notary public will look at your identification card to make sure your name matches the name that is signed on the contract, and the same for your business partner. The notary public will also make sure the photos on the signees' identification cards match how they look in person as well. Getting a business contract notarized can prevent fraud and make it difficult for a business partner to deny that they agreed to what is written in the contract.

Who Can Legally Notarize a Business Contract?

In order to gain the authority to notarize documents, a notary public has to meet the qualifications to become certified. The requirements can vary between local and state laws, but notary publics commonly have to undergo a vetting process to ensure that they are trustworthy. You can ask a notary public if he or she is certified before obtaining his or her services. Upon verifying that the notary public can legally notarize the contract between you and your business partner, you will feel confident that the contract is legally binding.

How Much Does it Cost to Notarize a Contract?

The cost to get a contract notarize can vary, but the price is usually affordable. The price that is charged depends on the notary public, as well as what he or she is allowed to charge as per state law. If you intend to hire a mobile notary public to come to your location, you can be charged an additional fee for the service. Speak to a notary public to get an exact quote on what you must pay to get the business contract notarized.

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